Join Splitted files using HJ-Split

HJ-Splitter and Joiner(Join Splitted Files)

If any one have his/her own blog then he/she surely have to share some files  and those files may be larger in size which gonna be very difficult to handle or may occur server restrictions e.g uploading server have a restriction to upload file less than 500MB/1GB in one time, so he/she may use any software to split the file into several different parts.
HJ split is a software that may be used to split or join files which is provided by Free Bytes

Basic Features:

  1. Easy to use.
  2. User Friendly Environment/Interface.
  3. Windows XP, Vista, & supported along with Linux.
  4. Supports files more than 100 GBs, MD5 Check sum and file comparison.
  5. Portable.

I personally like this software because it does not need to be installed on your drive. It is a portable software. If you use this software to split file into files so you have see that it automatically numbered your splitted files and write it after file format.

For Example:File name before and after splitting:
  • Before Splitting
- HJ-Split.rar
  • After Splitting
- HJ-Split.rar.001
- HJ-Split.rar.002
- HJ-Split.rar.003
- HJ-Split.rar.004

For More Instance Watch This Video:

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Internet Download Manager 6.10 Beta

Internet Download Manager 6.10 Beta

Internet Download Manager is a unique and widely used downloader which accelerates your downloads upto 5x (five times). Similar to older versions IDM 6.10  download your files by making segaments of your file during the process of download.
IDM also supports proxy servers, firewalls, cookies etc. It reuses all available connections and skips login procesess in order to accelerate your downloads. You can also drag and drop your files to download them.

Main Features:

  • IDM automatically integrates with almost all the popular browsers like  Mozilla Firefox (incl. Latest Version), Mozilla Firebird, Google Chrome(Incl. Latest Version), Opera, Netscape, Netscape 6-7 and Communicator, Internet Explorer upto 10(beta), MSN Explorer,  Slim Browser,  Ultra Browser and many others.
  • Auto antivirus checking that makes your download without any spam or virus softwares.
  • Accelerates your Download upto 5 times.
  • Grab your videos from various video servers like Youtube, Google Videos and MySpace.
  • Has a capability to resume your download, so you can download files in the time you want.
  • It supports FTP, MMS, HTTP and HTTPS Protocols.
  • Cutomizeable and User friendly Interface for IDM main Window.
  • Categorizable downloads: You can set category for different files.
  • Auto update feature which checks for newer version of IDM and update your IDM once in a week.
  • Schedule multiple downloads.
  • Also has a website spider and grabber.
  • It is a multilingual software that supports Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, Farsi, Greek, German, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and many many more upto 50+ languages.
  • Complete MS Windows XP, Vista, 7 supported.

Released on 12/March/2012
What's new in this version...?
  • IDM 6.10 fixes compatibility problem with IE(Internet Explorer) 10 Beta.
  • Secure Download From file sharing sites.

For Older Version like IDM 6.09 Just Click here 

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