Earning Via Shortening URL's by Adfly

Atleast 60% of internet users have their own website or blog and he/she want to earn money from his/her blog/site. the first name comes in mind when one thinking of earning online is Google AdSense but Google Adsense is somehow difficult but secure way of earning. Difficult..?
Difficult because google have some restrictions for Adsense like,

1) Your content must be unique.
2) You should'nt use illegal things on your webpage and these must be not voilating Adsense Policies.

and etc etc.

But many People just want that thay dont have to do even a single work along with handsome earning .

Besides Adsense there are many other ways to earn online from which 1 of them is Shortening URL's with adfly.

Q#1 Now what is adfly?
       Adfly is a site which pays you by shortening your URL's.
Q#2 How you gat paid?
       When you log in to your adfly account which is totally free, you have a text box infront of you Shorten your url's by pasting them here. When any one clicks on the shortened url you get paid.

Q#3 What happen when user click on the link?
       When user clicks on your url they have to wait for just five seconds before going to actual webpage in the mean time he may seen different types of ads on his/her screen.

Q#4 What is the payment Process?
adf.ly pays you through your PayPal and Alert Pay services.

So, keep shortening and get paid.

Just join "adf.ly" .

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Earning Via Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an advertisment program own by Google. This program serve you with relevent ads by giving you the unique HTML code which you have to insert into your code. This program pays you in such a way that when visitor clicks on the ad from your web page Google get some revenue and split this revenue in two parts one for Google and one for you, and i think the percentage is 50 % each.

This revenue varies from topic to topic.

If you want to apply to Adsense just visit Google AdSense sign up page , But keep in mind that you must lies perfectly on AdSense policy. Before applying you must read the following tips:

1. First of all you need to create a website or webpage to which you place ads and if you are not a proffesional web designer or developer than create a free blog. There are many blogging platforms but the most popular and is widely used is Blogger and Wordpress and post some quality posts or articles and take some time.

2. Post articles regularly in order to get handsome traffic and post the articles to social networks or article directories. This way you have regular flow of traffic.

3. After that you must read Google's Adsense terms and conditions on thier page.

4. After reading if you think your webpage/blog is perfect for adsense then go to Google AdSense sign up page fill the form and submit it. Google take atleast 1 week to check your blog whether or not you accepted into this program.

When you accepted for the program you will recieve confirmation E-Mail. After that sign in to your AdSense account and follow the steps to add the Ad code into your page.

How to make blog .Just read the article Blogging
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Earn Money Via Blogging

Millions of People earn money via blogging. It is an easiest way to earn money online. Blog is basically a platform to tell people about you, your hobbies, working and lifestyle. But now-a-days people use blog earn money and they earn handsome amount. So if you fond of writting then its the best way to earn online. Regularly write articles in order to get follower and traffic which is the mean of online earning.

Now you have to decide which blogging platform you should use, there are number of platforms but some are most popular these includes Blogger and Wordpress


        Google is the owner of blogger. Blogger is very easy and user friendly platform, simple to operate.

Wanna join just goto here.



            Wordpress is quite similar to blogger but is somewhat difficult to understand. If you wanna join Wordpress just goto here

After setting up your blog you should make post and regularly do this . 1 post a day is not bad . This will help you to get good amount of visitors and followers.

Tips on Posts:

1) It is an excelent to choose a topic and just go for it.
2) Dont cover various articles.
3) Dont cover those topics which have vast back and foreground.
4) Choose highly demanding keywords.
5) Your post must be unique and will not match with none of the existing webpage.
6) Dont use porn on your site.
7) Illegal PPC ads on must not on your site.

After getting much traffic and visitors , now you can apply for Google Adsense .

To know about Google AdSense Read my post about Google AdSense.
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Ways to Earn Money Online

Hello guys...! 
well... today i wanna tell you about how you can make money online.
I have wrote many articles on this topic this post is basically collection of all these topics..

1) Earn Money via blogging.

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Window 7 Aero Blur Tweaker

Hi Guys, Today i am providing you the cool Windows 7 App that will be used to make your Explorer window , transparent. This app is knows as Aero Glass Transparency. Before taking much of your time i wanna show you the real difference .....

This picture is showing your current look of your windows explorer. If i am not wrong ,then this view is quite confusing, so i recomment you to Download this and use it.

And this is your new window after using Aero Glass Transparency.

That's nice,
So, how to use this app , you just have to download it . When you get the Download file you will see it is enclosed in archieve just unzip the archieve and run the .exe file.

Then a main window of the app showing you two bottons

1) Hide Blur.
2) Show Blur.

Just click on Hide blur and there we go you will see that cool efect . To revert/restore this effect click on Show Blur..

Download App
Thanx for visiting ..Keep visiting
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