Window 7 Aero Blur Tweaker

Hi Guys, Today i am providing you the cool Windows 7 App that will be used to make your Explorer window , transparent. This app is knows as Aero Glass Transparency. Before taking much of your time i wanna show you the real difference .....

This picture is showing your current look of your windows explorer. If i am not wrong ,then this view is quite confusing, so i recomment you to Download this and use it.

And this is your new window after using Aero Glass Transparency.

That's nice,
So, how to use this app , you just have to download it . When you get the Download file you will see it is enclosed in archieve just unzip the archieve and run the .exe file.

Then a main window of the app showing you two bottons

1) Hide Blur.
2) Show Blur.

Just click on Hide blur and there we go you will see that cool efect . To revert/restore this effect click on Show Blur..

Download App
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Jackie F. Cooper said...

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10 June 2015 at 14:23

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